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do you have? Driving the people hate the 9 uncivilized phenomenon

do you have? Driving the people hate the 9 uncivilized phenomenon

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With the development of the car more and more quickly, but there are some problems in the traffic, many of the owners in the process of driving more or less have some bad habits, such as pressure line driving, stuck, chaos parking and so uncivilized , Not uncommon. Today, and everyone to talk about the most painful driving in the uncivilized driving behavior which?
1, chaos by horn
In front of the car encountered a flame or slow start when the meal by the horn urging, little tolerance and heart are not in the district or car mixed with the narrow road, the use of speakers as a weapon to disperse pedestrians. No one who will be born to drive, for the novice, the original flame is very nervous, hear the horn after the car is more prone to sound. And in the district or car mixed road, the car is no priority road right!
2, the abuse of high beam
Night long use of high beam or continuous Kuang flash drive is a very dangerous behavior, very easy to the other side of the vehicle driver's eyes caused a short time blindness, many accidents are so happened. In the absence of street sections, you can open the lights to drive, but when the car, be sure to become low beam.
3, plus plug
Some owners in order to fight for time or impatient edge line plug, it is easy to lead to the rear of the vehicle scratches accident, especially in the traffic flow more entrance position, very prone to this phenomenon. In front of the traffic encountered in front of congestion, ahead of the slowdown to take their own line, the other owners will naturally line up in accordance with the order, both to reduce the sudden change of the situation, but also to prevent accidents.
4, parking on the road
Some drivers may be wrong because of the wrong way or to the nearby convenience store to buy things, directly to the car parked in the drive lane, this behavior is absolutely prohibited, if the back of the car did not maintain a safe distance, a no attention directly Hit up. No matter what the situation, should be driving to the roadside, to ensure that no obstruction to the rear of the vehicle to stop.
5, free to open the door
Open the door caused by the accident occurred in the case do not know how many, and when opening the door must be observed if there is a good back, a small move are likely to cause irreparable regret.
6, change the road do not turn the lights
Changing the turn signal is very basic driving knowledge, driving you can not communicate with other owners, and the lights can solve this problem, let other owners know your thoughts. To develop a good habit of changing the lanterns, see others turn the lights change, please take the initiative to slow down comity.
7, the car throwing debris
Driving, the sudden window flying out of a variety of wrapping paper or other debris, litter is a very uncivilized phenomenon, coupled with the throwing of debris are likely to make the car accident. In the car to prepare a bag, want to throw things are installed inside, get off and then thrown into the trash, this operation is difficult for you?
8, brakes
In the drive must go to see, to avoid the situation of sudden brakes, you can react in the first time, ahead of the operation, or not you hit someone else ass is someone else hit your ass!
9, unreasonable Zhandao
Occupying the emergency lane, occupying sidewalks, parking occupies two parking spaces, can be said to be the most hated abuse, and the vast majority of subjective intentional acts. So that people have been unfavorable, so "novice" who do not for their own convenience, and affect the normal travel of others. Will not drive a good review of the subjects under a study, not parking or learn to learn parking techniques it
Above the order, civilized, polite, it seems that the four words, but in fact it contains far more than this, a variety of acts and discourse are civil and polite part, and we are also toward this Direction to go, even if it is a small thing, as long as it is civilized, polite, then it is great, it is great. Become a qualified civilized city people, let us work together to create a better, harmonious life!

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