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2017 car prices half a year test list: the highest increase of 357。2%

2017 car prices half a year test list: the highest increase of 357.2%

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According to the recent release of the Automobile Association data show that as of June, China's automobile production and sales in 2017 were 13,525,800 and 13.3359 million, an increase of 4.64% and 3.81%, the overall increase slowed. Among them, the passenger car performance is more obvious, the first half of the production and sales were 11.4827 million and 11.253 million, an increase of 3.16% and 1.61%, the growth rate over the same period last year slowed 4.16 percentage points and 7.62 percentage points.
With the first half of the sales data released, the various car prices also ushered in the 2017 test results. Among them, there is no dark horse jumped out, naturally there have been plummeted. There are many car prices to achieve double-digit or even three-digit high growth, Geely, SAIC passenger cars, Guangzhou Automobile passenger cars and other independent brands is gaining gratifying results But there are also some car prices do not wishful, such as the Korean joint venture and the majority of legal joint venture car prices. The details of how the situation, the world car according to the Federation and the car company official announced the relevant data statistics, finishing as follows (Note: The following business ranking mainly according to the narrow passenger car wholesale sales data):
Overall: Geely continue the trend of dark horse Beijing modern out of the top ten
Relevant data show that the first half of this year, the Chinese brand passenger cars were sold 493.95 million, an increase of 4.33%; accounted for 43.90% of total passenger car sales, share increased by 1.14 percentage points over the same period last year. Germany, Japan, the United States Department, the Department of Korean and legal vehicles were sold 227.52 million, 1.989 million, 1.351 million, 43.09 million and 188,400, respectively, accounted for 20.22% of the total sales of passenger cars, 17.68%, 12.01%, 3.83% and 1.67% respectively.
In the first six months, SAIC Volkswagen won a total of four times the first, while the FAW-Volkswagen, FAW-Volkswagen and SAIC-GM's top three positions are still very stable, according to statistics, And SAIC GM each won 1 championship. However, from the growth point of view, the top ten car enterprises in the performance of the more prominent to the number of auspicious, and following the trend of dark horse last year, the company continued explosion in the first half, jump to the general list of the fifth. In addition, poor performance last year, Japanese cars in the first half of this year, sales rebounded more obvious, Dongfeng Honda was 34.9% growth. Compared with the above performance of the enterprise, Changan Ford, Beijing Hyundai, Changan Automobile and other companies compared with the performance of the same period last year is not particularly optimistic, of which Beijing modern retreat larger, sales fell 42.4%, relegated to the overall sales ranking 13th place.
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